Cirbin V13R blurs scenery, line between car and bike

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Does anyone know where the line that differentiates a car and a motorcycle exists these days? Because we just can't tell anymore. Take this, the Cirbin V13R, first unveiled at SEMA and due to hit the streets imminently. The Harley-powered roadster/trike takes a similar form to the T-Rex we checked out in Montreal (near where the Cirbin is also made, incidentally), only while the T-Rex is more rice-burner, the Cirbin is more custom chopper. Think modern racecar vs. 50's hot rod crossbred with a tricycle and you won't be far off.

The retro fiberglass body hides the tubular steel chassis that includes a front crash zone and cradles the 1250cc v-twin from the Harley-Davidson V-Rod that's mated to a five-speed sequential transmission. The cabin incorporates two seats with chrome roll-over hoops, adjustable pedals and an instrument cluster that includes a speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge. The full lighting system incorporates headlights with high-beams, low-beams and daytime running lights, turn signals, brake lights and reverse indicator. It's even got a trunk up front. Heck, you could confuse this thing for an actual car, especially after learning of the $40,000 sticker price. All in all, this looks like one pretty sweet... whatever it is. Check out the information in the press release after the jump and the big gallery of big pictures below.

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Press Release

CIRBIN is proud to announce that the new V13R® has been launched at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 30th 2007.
CIRBIN main focus is on the design and manufacturing of fun, stylish and performing 3-wheels vehicles that provide their owner sheer fun and a great riding experience.
The new V13R® delivers just that.
Its soul inspiring sound and acceleration provided by the Harley-Davidson® liquid cooled V-Twin engine can put a smile on your face for miles and miles. Designed to be a little Hot Rod with great appeal, the V13R® will make everybody's head turn when you drive by.
The V13R® is a reverse trike, which means it has two front wheels and an oversize propulsion wheel at the rear. The Harley-Davidson® engine unleashes awesome torque and horsepower. The low center of gravity and weight distribution deliver maximum traction and great handling. It all adds up to a three-wheel drive with one sole purpose: pure fun.
Both powerful and powerfully seductive, the V13R® is flair on wheels, complete with its own signature engine purr and roar. It's where hot rod culture meets mainstream culture. This is why there's no hot-rod like a V13R®.

For a limited time, the V13R® starts at 39,995$ and will be available at dealers across the USA and Canada by the spring of 2008.

CIRBIN INC is a company that designs and manufactures three-wheel vehicles commonly known as reverse trike. The cofounders of this innovative Canadian company are André Morissette (president) and David Neault (vice-president). Together, they have translated their love for recreational vehicles into three-wheel machines that are as exciting to ride and easy to handle. Their first incarnation is the road savvy V13R®.

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