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France, Germany working on CO2 agreement

Europe, 2012: The goal is to have cars that emit an average of 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer.
Europe, 2008: Wha?

Yes, the road to 120 is a tough one, but Reuters is reporting that two of the big players in the EU, France and Germany, are "making progress" on agreeing on how new low-CO2 legislation should be instituted. As in the U.S., automakers in the EU are fighting for more time before the rules go into effect. The loudest voices come from the Germans (Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz) because, well, they make and sell some pretty dirty cars, comparatively. French automakers, like Citro├źn/Renault, already have quite a few low-CO2 vehicles and so don't mind if the rules kick in earlier rather than later. There's no word on just what the agreement might be, but environment ministers from the EU will meet in Slovenia this weekend. Perhaps more rumor will trickle out then.

[Source: Reuters]

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