Step on it: pedal-powered Lambo, rollercoaster and more

If pedaling around in a Buick isn't enough leg power for you, check out this collection of pedal-powered machines that Oobject has rounded up. We find a true zero emission Lamborghini (pictured, and, while it's truly pedal-powered, I'm not so sure it's a true Lambo), a people-powered rollercoaster, lawnmowers (both a John Deere-type bulldozer thing and a push mower mated with a bicycle), and a pedal powered billboard. Plus more. Want to share your leg strength with others? Then give the pedal-powered carnival swing ride a try. If there's one thing that these art pieces show, it's that, when we run out of oil and li-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells are still a few years out, we won't need to walk around on our boring old feet. Punch it!

[Source: Oobject]

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