Go Green Car and Van Rental adds eight Prius hybrids

The city of Crewe in England is perhaps best known among car people as the long time home of Bentley and formerly Roll-Royce, brands not exactly known for environmental consciousness or attention to fuel economy. There are of course other businesses in town, one of which is Go Green Car and Van Rental. Go Green is the first British rental company to focus on environmentally friendlier vehicles. The company has just boosted their rental fleet of "green cars" to a dozen units with the addition of eight new Priuses. The full fleet consists of over 100 vehicles with low CO2 emissions for their size, most equipped with diesel engines.
The vans range from the little Renault Kangoo with only 147g/km up to the VW Luton Cube van at 260g/km. Those looking for a Prius can get one for two days for £88.00. A full week of hybrid transport will set you back £238.13 or about $476 at current rates. If you can manage with something a bit smaller a Renault Clio is £129.89/week. Interestingly, Go Green actually recommends that customers actually take the train wherever possible rather than driving. Their rental agency is just a short walk from the Crewe station so that visitors to the area can complete their journey by car or van as needed.

[Source: Go Green Car and Van Rental]


Go Green Car and Van Rental, Britain's first green car hire company based at Crewe, Cheshire, has taken possession of eight new Toyota Prius hybrid cars boosting their fleet of super environmentally friendly vehicles to 12.

The Toyota Prius switches automatically between an electric motor and a conventional internal combustion engine to reduce its impact on the environment and has become a popular choice for Go Green clients since the company launched in the summer 2007.

"Although we have a fleet of more than 100 low emission vehicles, the Prius is by far our most environmentally friendly car," said Managing Director David Blackhurst. "It is very popular with our clients and is helping our business move towards our commitment to become Carbon Neutral.

"So purchasing these new vehicles is part of our on-going guarantee to customers that as a business we will do all within our power to reduce our impact on the environment while delivering a first class service to the client."

Operations Director David Bramhill added: "The people of Cheshire are going green by coming to Go Green when they want to hire a car. That's why we will continue to invest in the environmentally friendly option.

"We still advise visitors to our website to take the train when possible. Happily rail users are increasingly coming to our premises, just a short walk from Crewe Station, to complete their journeys by hiring the most environmentally friendly cars from us."

For further information click onto www.gogreencarandvanrental.co.uk

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