EDTA to launch "The Electric Drive" radio campaign

Starting this month, the Electric Drive Transportation Association ( EDTA) will begin running a series of radio ads called "The Electric Drive" on the Washington, D.C. station WTOP, 103.5 FM. The station will also host a website that describes what the EDTA is and what electric drive vehicles are. On April 22 (that's Earth Day), the EDTA will also hold a Capitol Hill Briefing titled "The Electric Drive Answer: Transportation Technologies & Policies to End Oil Dependence" where EDTA members will talk about the "latest advances and the federal policies that can accelerate commercialization of electric drive."

Brian Wynne, the EDTA president, wrote that this campaign marks the EDTA's move to the mainstream, which is kind of a big term considering this is just one station we're talking about. Sure, a "a well-known radio personality" will drive hybrid vehicles provided by EDTA members (what, no Hydrogen 7s were available?), but I don't quite see how WTOP is going to bring the electric drive word to the masses - am I missing how important this station is? Read Wynne's full email after the jump.

EDTA email:

Spring in Washington, DC always brings cherry blossoms in full bloom, an influx of tourists, and concern about escalating gas prices. This year, people are feeling more than the seasonal surge in prices – they are facing historic highs with no downturn on the horizon. Consumers and policymakers are looking for solutions and EDTA is prepared to provide them.

Next week, EDTA goes to the mainstream media with our message. Under the guidance of our Communications/Media Relations Committee, and with the support of several member sponsors, EDTA will be running "The Electric Drive" radio campaign on the largest news radio station in the DC area, WTOP. Over the next few months, the station will air electric drive commercials in the popular morning drive time, and we have a supporting website hosted by WTOP to provide listeners with additional information about EDTA members and electric drive technology. Listeners will learn about what EDTA members are doing to provide transportation solutions that don't compromise the earth or our national security. In addition, numerous public service announcements will run throughout the campaign, and a well-known radio personality will drive hybrid vehicles provided by our sponsors.

I hope that you catch our radio campaign on 103.5 FM when you are in Washington for EDTA's Capitol Hill Briefing on the morning of April 22. "The Electric Drive Answer: Transportation Technologies & Policies to End Oil Dependence" will feature EDTA members discussing latest advances and the federal policies that can accelerate commercialization of electric drive. More information about the briefing is included below and on EDTA's website.

Be sure to stay for our event that evening, when we host a reception for our members and industry partners.

On the conference front, I am pleased to announce that EDTA will partner with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to promote the EDTA Conference & Exposition, which will be held on December 2-4 in Washington, D.C. This relationship will provide us access to SAE's broad membership and key industry groups, while bringing EDTA's unique platform and conference program to SAE's respected portfolio.

As you can see, this is high season for EDTA and we plan to make the most of it. We are working with policymakers, coordinating industry action and educating the public so that in the future, the Capitol will have more blossoms and tourists, and less worries about gas prices. I hope that you will plan to join us here in Washington later this month.


Brian Wynne

[Source: EDTA]

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