Auto Alliance lobbying state legislatures in CO2 fight

Colorado Capitol. Photo by Cpt. Spock. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

We know that 18 states are getting serious with legal action against the EPA on a national level, but local emissions fights in state legislatures also bear watching. Harry Stoffer, writing in Automotive News, describes how a "top industry lobbyist" and president of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Dave McCurdy, is going around to statehouses to work against state-based CO2 rules. In three states - Minnesota, Colorado and Montana - McCurdy's efforts seem to be paying off; those states are retreating from efforts to implement stricter emissions laws. It's no secret that the automakers are against a patchwork of state laws that - gasp - might result in a cleaner environment but would put pressure on automakers to make vehicles that are even cleaner than federal law requires. McCurdy issued a statement against the ruling of a Federal Judge in favor of states regulating greenhouse gases, for example. Still, the next time we talk to Charles Territo or someone else in the Alliance, we'll be sure to ask about all this.

[Source: Harry Stoffer / Automotive News]

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