(Crazy) Rumormill: Spanish GTA to feature Pontiac V10?

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Back in February we brought you initial news of the supercar being developed by Formula 3 racing team GTA. The exotic was tipped to be powered by a mid-mounted 700hp V10, however, reports circulating around the internet now suggest that the ten-cylinder powerplant for this vaporware supercar will produce closer to 800hp and be sourced from -- wait for it -- Pontiac.

We'll take that one with an overloaded container ship's worth of salt. Last we checked, GM didn't have a V10 in its parts bin, and the mere idea of the General developing a bespoke engine just for this Spanish racing outfit's nonexistent sports car is ridiculous on its face. Now, add in the detail that this mythical powerplant would then wear the Pontiac arrowhead logo -- that's straitjacket-type stuff, people. We know the General is eager to put the excitement back into the Excitement Division, but come on. Let's be rational.

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