Spanish racing team GTA developing own supercar

Click above to view more high-res images of GTA's supercar concept

Traditionally it's been the top formula racing teams that have made the jump to roadgoing supercars – names like Ferrari and McLaren come to mind – but a Formula 3 team based in Spain wants part of the action, and has revealed details and computer renderings of its own supercar.

Being developed by Spanish racing team GTA, the concept doesn't have a name yet and currently only exists on paper. The plans, however, call for a mid-mounted V10 pumping some 700 hp through a six-speed sequential transmission and cradled in a chassis built from carbon fiber and titanium, all with a targeted top speed of 340km/h (211mph). GTA hopes to build 99 units per year – we guess they took a page out of the Ferrari playbook by building one less than they thought the market could sustain – and has already taken eight orders at €600,000 apiece. A firm delivery date has not yet been set, but track testing will begin in August. We'll be watching to see how the project progresses.

[Source: GTA Motor and El Mundo via Motorpasion]

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