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Companies can crow about the ability of their SUVs, but for a great number of people, the land Rover Defender is the epitome of the SUV concept. As iconic as the original Jeep, the Defender does its thing, and does it better than just about any other vehicle in its class. Wagon or convertible, new or old, the Defender will happily wade into whatever slop its driver points it at and come out the other side no worse for wear. As we reported late last year, Land Rover is building a limited run of 1,800 Defender SVX models to celebrate the marque's 60th anniversary. The SVX kit dresses up the Landie with flashier trim on the grille, side steps and roll cage; a swankier set of wheels; special badging and decals; plus interior appointments including Recaros, a Garmin GPS, and that all-important iPod hookup. Glitzing up a Defender seems akin to a mud wrestler putting on Harry Winston jewelery before heading into battle, but at the end of the day, at least you know it'll clean up nice.

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[Source: Land Rover via The Land Rover Chronicles]

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