Peugeot rolls out millionth new 207

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It has only been two years since Peugeot introduced the 207, and already the French automaker has produced over 1 million examples of the new car. The car hit the market in April 2006 with the three- and five-door hatchbacks, and has since rolled out in convertible, wagon and several sport models.

Last year alone Peugeot sold half a million new 207s, which are manufactured at three plants across Europe – in France, Slovakia and Spain – with a combined rate of 2,500 vehicles per day. In a segment crowded with over 70 different models, the 207 has emerged as the market leader. Its "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" success has been driven in part by the double Intercontinental Rally Challenge titles that the 207 Super 2000 took last year, mirroring its big brother 908 HDi's success in Le Mans racing.

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One million 207 vehicles produced already

Launched in spring 2006, the 207 has crossed the peak of one million vehicles produced in less than two years after its commercial launch.

Sold in over a hundred countries, the 207 has achieved major commercial success, which in 2007 enabled it to exceed its worldwide sales objective by more than 20,000 units, to 521,000 vehicles.

The 207 is the leader of the B segment in Europe

With 440,000 vehicles registered in 2007 during its first full sales year, the 207 became the B segment leader in Europe. This segment, which represents almost a third of the European markets, is one of the most competitive segments, containing more than 70 models on sale. In the market of coupé cabriolets, the 207 CC followed in the tracks of the 206 CC by also taking the top position of its segment, with almost 45,000 vehicles sold in 2007.

For the start of 2008, the 207 has continued its launch success and has confirmed this position as the market leader in Europe.

Success that relies on a wide model range...

In less than two years, Peugeot has sold the widest model range in the segment, offering a 207 model suited to everyone's needs, thanks to its various body styles and very specific characteristics.

One million 207 vehicles produced already

From the period April 2006 (the launch date of the three and five-door 207 hatch) and November 2007 for the 207 SW RC and SW Outdoor, the model range has expanded at a steady rate:

- April 2006: three and five-door hatch
- September 2006: 207 1.6 litre THP, petrol engine with a turbocharger and direct injection, resulting from the co-operation of the PSA Peugeot Citroën – BMW Group.
- February 2007: 207 CC
- April 2007, 207 RC
- July 2007: 207 SW
- November 2007: 207 SW Outdoor and 207 SW RC.

Each of these body styles draws its engine from a model range consisting of the latest generation of petrol engines and three diesel engines. These engines set the standard in terms of equipment, whether it is performance, smooth operation and flexibility, but also in terms of environmental efficiency thanks to low fuel consumption figures and CO2 emissions.

Each of the body styles in the 207 range has introduced some significant innovations to this segment.

The hatch can be distinguished by its passenger compartment split into two interior trim levels, black and natural, whose textures are suggestive of quality.

As for the 207 CC, this model has introduced an elegant finish of integral leather, including the dashboard, along with the pyrotechnic safety arches, a new level of safety equipment for the segment.

Capitalising on the SW concept, in addition to its panoramic glass roof and opening rear screen, the 207 SW offered a "magic" rear bench seat exclusive to the segment, which can be folded down in just one move, providing a fully flat floor loading space.

Perpetuating the legend of small and sporty, the 207 RC, equipped with the 1.6 litre THP 128 kW (≈ 175 bhp) introduced a major innovation: the SSP system (Steering Stability Programme) gradually extended to the updated versions of the 1.6 litre THP 150 bhp and the 1.6 litre HDi FAP 110 bhp. Under certain braking conditions, this equipment combines the ESP function with the vehicle's electrical variable power-assisted steering system. The SSP system improves the stability and the vehicle stopping time in a straight line when braking on surfaces that have different levels of grip between the right and left-hand wheels.

An industrial production system spread over three European sites The 207 is built at three sites spread throughout Europe, at a rate of 2 500 vehicles/day. The three and five-door 207, the 207 RC, the 207 SW, and the 207 variants Outdoor and RC are produced in the Poissy factory, located in the Paris region.

Since 2006, the factory of Trnava in Slovakia has been producing the three and five-door 207 body styles; the factory at Madrid in Spain builds the 207 CC as well as the three and five-door versions of the 207.

A car that has already received many awards of distinction The 207 has been viewed as a distinguished model by the press in various countries and in particular has been awarded the title of "Car of the Year 2007" in Spain, "Auto Europa 2007" in Italy and '"Import Car of the Year" in Japan.

Satisfied owners of the 207!

Appreciated for its assertive and high quality style, the 207 is also appreciated for its smooth driving performance and road handling qualities. The quality of finish and interior comfort are other elements which have contributed towards this satisfaction.

On its own behalf, the 207 CC is seductive with its style lines and CC design signified by the ease of conversion from a coupé to a cabriolet.

The 207 has also experienced a hectic lift in motoring competitions In 2007, the 207 Super 2000 toppled two crowns (driver and manufacturer titles) in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC), as well as the national titles in Portugal and Poland. 2008 will see numerous outings of the 207 Super 2000 by Peugeot, in Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Sweden.

The Spider 207, which becomes the Spider THP, will be involved in an eight trial European promotion formula series, which will be fought by lifting the curtain on the Le Mans Series courses, in which Peugeot Sport takes part in 2008 with the 908 HDi FAP.

Finally, the Peugeot Sport Race Meetings in France and similar formula series in other European countries will enable many enthusiasts to come face to face at the wheel of the 207 LW* THP. This formula, which totalled 50 participants in 2007, will see 70 new cars line up in the coming weeks, over the Spring and relay courses.

There are already two newcomers to the 207 model range in 2008! The 207 CC Roland Garros is available from this Spring. This special edition with a distinctive character is available in Obsidien black or Ermitage grey with a special two-tone leather trim interior and carrying the tennis tournament logo.

Another new feature, the 207 receives the new 2-Tronic gearbox combined with the 1.4 litre 16v 65 kW petrol engine (≈ 90 bhp). This manual sequential gearbox, equipped with five gears, provides easy driving in all situations.

Currently on a high with its million vehicles, the 207 is continuing the success and leadership of the legendary 2 series production models, the 205 and 206, illustrating Peugeot's strong commercial activity.

And so an appointment has been made for the next historical event...

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