April Foolery? Magvisio's stillborn Lamborghini Ferruccio

Click above to view Magvisio's Lamborghini Ferruccio in hi-res

Anything you can do, I can do better. That's pretty much been Lamborghini's attitude towards arch-rival Ferrari since Ferrucio Lamborghini starting building sportscars to spite Enzo Ferrari. Fast forward 45 years and with both men gone, the idea remains the same: if Ferrari could create an exotic supercar and name it after its founder, so can Lamborghini. Only in this case, the heritage is carried on by independent designer Pule Magau of carrozzeria Magvisio.

What you see before you is the Lamborghini Ferruccio. Like the Reventon, the Ferruccio was conceived as an ultra-exclusive uber-exotic based on the Murcielago LP640. But while the Reventon had its production run upped to 100, the Ferruccio was planned for only 10 road-going examples: five coupes and five roadsters. Also like the Reventon, the Ferruccio was supposed to sell for ??1 million ($1.5 million), but it very well might have been the manifestation of the Reventon that stopped the Ferruccio project in its tracks, siphoning off potential customers to the factory's own show-stopper.

The use of carbon fiber inside and out on the Ferruccio promised to undercut the Murcielago's 0-60 time to three seconds flat en route to a claimed top speed of 230 mph, with 330mm ceramic discs and six-pot calipers to keep the speed in check. Couple that with razor-sharp styling to rival the Reventon, and you've got an interesting package, if only it didn't cost so much. Magau, however, is reportedly working to reduce the costs. If those goals can be met and the deposits roll in, the Ferruccio project could turn from wet dream to startling reality. Thanks for the tip, Mike!

NOTE: Autoblog team is split 50/50 on whether this is actual news or a bit of chain yanking from the Brits. Nunez wants it categorically stated on record that he is 100% convinced this is an "elaborate BS festival", noting that CAR's link to Magvisio's website is bogus. Noah, meanwhile, points out that there's even a video rendering of the Ferruccio, which means it would be one very elaborate hoax if it weren't the real deal. Alex fires back that the BBC was responsible for the most famous April Fools stunt ever. Your call.

[Source: Car Magazine]

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