Pics Aplenty: Lamborghini Reventon breaks out of Sant'Agata

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When it comes to pure visual impact, there's not a thing on the road that has got anything on the Lamborghini Reventon. It's just so impossibly, relentlessly badass. It's got more sharp lines than a bag full of broken glass and more angles than a geometry set, yet manages to pull them all together in a package that makes Death itself run for cover. And with more than 640 demon horses on tap, it had better run fast.

In tribute to the ultimate Lamborghini's angrier-than-a-coked-up-teenager design, we're bringing you this gallery of images which recently escaped from lock-down at the Lamborghini factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese on the outskirts of Modena , . Take a deep breath and click on the thumbnails below to jump to our updated high-resolution image gallery.

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[Source: Lamborghini]

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