Spy Shots: Chevy Beat spotted on the road in China, is it real?

At last year's New York Auto Show, the Chevrolet mini car triplets were the stars of the show, particularly the lime green Chevy Beat. Later in the year at the LA Auto Show, GM announced that the Beat would indeed go into production around 2010. The first spy shots of what appears to be a Chevy Beat wearing the usual camo suit of vinyl and tape have now surfaced. Interestingly although the Beat was designed and engineering by GM's Korean team at Daewoo, this particular car was snapped in China. This of course raises the obvious question of whether in fact this is a genuine GM prototype or a premature knock-off from Chery or some other Chinese builder. Given that the Beat has been around for a year now and has made the rounds of all the auto shows, it would be pretty easy for someone to gather enough information to create a pretty realistic-looking replica. Only time will tell if this one is the real thing. We'll be watching for an introduction at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show.

[Source: China Car Times]

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