Chevrolet Beat to go into production for global markets, but not US yet!

At the New York Auto Show last April GM unveiled a trio of Chevrolet badged mini-cars dubbed the Beat, the Trax and the Groove. All three were designed by stylists from GM Korean studios on the companies new global mini-car platform. At the time the company launched a web-site were visitors could vote for their favorite. The bright green two door Beat got almost half of the over 1.8 million votes followed by the Groove with the Trax coming in last.

Now that the people have spoken, Chevrolet is announcing here in Los Angeles that the Beat will go into production for the world-wide market. At least the world wide market outside of the United States. When questioned, Chevrolet General Manager said that no decision has been made on selling the Beat here yet. However, earlier Bob Lutz said all new GM vehicles are being designed for global markets with the ability to be built in either right or left hand drive configurations and meet all regulations. If this applies to the Beat, it could come to the U.S. if the market warrants it. And, should a 35 mpg CAFE standard get passed, it seems highly likely that the market will demand a Beat.

[Source: General Motors]

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