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Rendered Speculation: BMW iSetta

What you see above is a rendering of what a revived BMW Isetta could look like. While it may have been a shot in the dark a few months ago when it was rendered, following BMW's revelation that it is studying new options for urban vehicles, the idea is back on the table.

The design is certainly unusual compared to contemporary automobiles on the road today, but the same was probably said of the original Isetta when it debuted way back in the 1950s. The new design features the same stubby nose, although the front door seems to have been replaced or supplemented by more conventional side doors. which would likely be required by modern safety standards, while with the rear wheels are placed closer together than the front ones. Although this unofficial concept doesn't adopt the original nomenclature, the name iSetta (with the subtle but trendy use of upper- and lower-case letters) would seem to fit the old-is-new-again spirit of BMW's anticipated city car.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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