Martin Eberhard talks up EVs, clean energy on Maui

Way back in October 2006, while I was doing some research in Hawai'i, it hit me that the islands were the perfect place for a full-in electric car revolution. While the EV market hasn't produced the cars we'd like to see quite yet, it's still painfully obvious to me that powering a state full of electric cars using nothing but wind, wave and solar power seems more likely in Hawai'i than most other places (note that some of the renewable energy sources, like geothermal, are culturally complicated).
Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard is somewhat on the same page. He recently gave a talk at the Focus Green lecture series on Maui that touched on Hawai?i's drive to become a sustainable state, and that means lots of renewable energy. Martin suggested to the local audience that they turn clean energy generators into tourist destinations - who wouldn't want to see the Hawai'i wind farms? If you'd like to see the slides from the presentation and read more about the talk - which included mention of local high school student's EV conversions - check out the Tesla Founders blog.

[Source: Tesla Founders blog]

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