Peugeot releases new transmissions for the 308 which increase efficiency

The 308, one of the toughest competitors in the European compact hatchback market, is getting some improvements that increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

First of all, the Peugeot 308 will be fitted to a new 6-speed manual transmission which allows lower rpm at cruising speed and increases mileage. If you add Michelin's Fuel Saver tires to this transmission mated to the highly praised 110 HP 1.6 HDi, the 308 gets about 52 mpg U. S. and produces 129 g/km CO2. However, there's also a second transmission option: a 6-speed Electronic Gearbox Control which removes the need for a clutch pedal and changes speeds in 0.4 seconds. This also creates greater fuel efficiency, which means that, when mated to the 90 HP version of the 1.6 HDi, the mileage stays at 52 mpg, but CO2 emissions go down to 120 g/km. And, last but not least, there's a third transmission that Peugeot is installing in the 308: a 6-speed automatic with tiptronic-like controls for the most powerful diesel available, the 136 HP 2.0-liter HDi. Finally, a new base-entry low-polluting gasoline engine model has been added to the line up: a 1.4 liter VTi good for 95 HP.

Currently, Peugeot is selling up to 7 versions of the 308 which produce 120 g/km CO2. All PSA models are guaranteed to work with biodiesel mixtures up to 30 percent (B30).

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