Info on Honda's new global hybrid

Do you like the Honda FCX Clarity (above) but wish it had a more standard hybrid powertrain instead of its million-dollar hydrogen fuel cell guts? You might get your wish, kind of.

Honda president Takeo Fukui has given out a few details on the new global hybrid that Honda is planning for release in 2009. The car will look at least a little bit like the FCX Clarity and will have one name around the world (like the Accord and the Civic do today). Speaking of the Civic, the new global hybrid will cost less than the current Civic Hybrid and will use an engine based on the Civic's, but smaller and lighter. Honda favors nickel metal hydride batteries, for now, but we know that lithium-ion options will be possible if and when Honda believes that battery technology is ready.

[Source: Hybrid Cars]

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