We had a heap of posts on the Progressive Automotive X Prize (that still doesn't quite roll off the tongue) following the big announcement from New York last week. In the flurry of posts, it may have been easy for someone who doesn't check AutoblogGreen with an F5-trigger finger fanaticism might have missed some of the big news. Therefore, after the jump, you'll find a list of all the posts we did about the Auto X Prize from New York. The video above features the highlights of the press conference, and all the pictures we took can be found sprinkled throughout the post. If you do have that itchy F5-finger, then check out the video, since it's new. After the jump you'll also a lot of links to videos and press releases from the X Prize Foundation itself.

Here's a list of videos and more from the X Prize Foundation:

[Source: X Prize Foundation]

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