Auto X Prize will be worth ten million, sponsored by Progressive Casualty Insurance

We'll have full coverage from New York of the Automotive X Prize's new details in a few hours, but CNN has just announced that the total prize purse will be ten million dollars. That's the same as what was given for winning the Ansari X Prize, which sent private citizens into space. The title sponsor for the green car event will be Progressive Casualty Insurance Co., according to the AP. The ten million dollars will be split between the winners of the different Auto X Prize categories, one each for mainstream and alternative cars. The "mainstream cars" look normal (four wheels, at least) need to have room for at least four people with standard vehicle features (climate control, audio system and at least 10 cubic feet of cargo space) while hitting 60 mph in under 12 seconds. The last two requirements will be the toughest: 100 mph top speed with a 200 mile range. We'll have more later on what I now assume will be called the Progressive X Prize.
[Source: CNN, AP]

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