Detroit News columnist Rex Roy: "Irrational greenies, hands off my V-8"

Are we living in the twilight years of the V8 engine? It seems possible, considering that General Motors has already canceled their newest high-tech V8 engine program and Ford is planning on a switch to EcoBoost engines for their high-end vehicles. Even performance car stalwarts such as the Camaro, Mustang and Corvette, could, some time in the near future, lose their V8 engine options. We should remember, though, that similar performance numbers can be achieved with other types of powerplants. America has a long-established love affair with the V8 engine, and many people are rebelling at the thought that they could soon be ancient history. Take, for instance, Detroit News columnist Rex Roy, who's latest headline story is entitled, "Irrational greenies, hands off my V-8." Cashed up greenies can apparently stop reading here, unless they also happen to be irrational.
Roy goes on to say that the ACEEE's most recent list of green and mean autos was chosen without practical considerations. He's right, the list was generated after considering each vehicles consumption and emissions figures. That's not to say, though, that none of the greenest vehicles on their list are practical. The second greenest car is the Prius, which, despite of what you may think of looks-wise, is certainly a practical car. In fact, nine of their greenest vehicles are either four-door sedans or hatchbacks, the bastion of American practicality.
It should also be mentioned that the sales of vehicles such as those on the ACEEE's greenest list are what makes the sale of V8-powered cars, as well as the ACEEE's meanest, possible, which may seem a bit irrational to all of the hardcore-greenies out there, but, hey, it's the truth.

[Source: Rex Roy / Detroit News, ACEEE]

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