Hybrid Camaro? Maybe

Lexus has dominated the market of "performance hybrids" so far, being the only manufacturer promoting the performance capabilities of their electrically-assisted offerings. Might Chevrolet take a similar path with their new Camaro? According to this article at The Car Connection, there is a possibility that the dual mode hybrid system is being considered for a high-end Camaro. Might the fastest Camaro also be the most fuel-friendly? Possibly, but it would likely be the most expensive as well.

Additionally, General Motors was planning on reducing the cost of their new Camaro based on the sheer amount of vehicles scheduled to use the platform. Now that fuel economy is such a big deal, all but the Pontiac G8 and aforementioned Camaro have likely been shelved. Therefore, the V8-powered Camaro might be more expensive than first thought. The more V8-powered Camaro models that GM sells, the worse it is for their CAFE number, so they might not have a choice when it comes to making a hybrid version.


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[Source: The Car Connection via Autoblog]

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