Triciclo Pompo - ethanol powered three-wheeler made for Brazil

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There are plenty of people who would love to have the fuel mileage of a 250cc motorcycle, but choose not to ride one because of the inherent safety problems and the lack of weather protection. Brazilian company Triciclo thinks that they have the answer to this issue, and it's called the Pompéo. Using a small motorcycle engine which is capable of running on either gasoline or ethanol (important for the Brazilian market), the Pompéo is said to have decent performance due to its low weight. Also important is the fact that the machine - which looks kind of like the front half of a car - is fully enclosed, meaning that the occupants will stay dry no matter what the weather outside. Seat belts provide a measure of safety lacking from the typical motorcycle, although in some countries it will be classed as such regardless. Finally, the cost is said to be in-line with a 400cc motorcycle, meaning the Pompéo should be quite affordable.

We love the idea of the Pompéo and hope it reaches success in Brazil. Currently, there are plans to export the vehicle, but nothing is said of the European or North American market as of yet. Be sure to watch the short video after the break.

[Source: World Car Fans / Triciclo]

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