Audi cancels Q7 hybrid American plans, blames crashing dollar

A little over a month ago we learned that a hybrid version of the big bad Audi Q7 SUV would be sent to our shores. Now, thanks to the American dollar crashing like Elliot Spitzer's career, we can scratch that. Apparently, Audi has just realized that heaping all that hybrid tech under the hood added too much cost to the bottom line. Besides, who would buy a gas-hybrid when there's an efficient 500 horse V12 TDI diesel on offer? Not me, that's for sure. Well, I wouldn't buy either version of the Q7, but then again, I don't have a boat the size of the Queen Mary to haul around.

Audi hasn't abandoned its plans to sell the Q5 (euphemistically labeled as a crossover) hybrid in America. Yet. That vehicle is making it's debut at the Beijing Motor Show in April and is currently scheduled to arrive stateside in 2009.

[Source: Cars-Spot]

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