Nelson Kruschandl shows how to make a solar car on the cheap

Wanna build a solar car? Good new for you, then! Nelson Kruschandl has set up a website where he gives you the ins and outs of solar car construction. Sure, there's plenty of power available from the sun, the tricky part is harnessing enough of it to get anywhere. Therefore, lightweight parts and low power consumption are the name of the game. The make the process as simple to understand as possible, Kruschandl has broken the design down into nine essential components:
  1. Chassis and seating
  2. Mechanics - suspension, steering, brakes
  3. Motor and drive train
  4. Motor controller
  5. Solar Array - usually part of body
  6. Batteries or fuel cells
  7. Electrical System and instruments
  8. Driver Controls - switches, lighting, etc
  9. Bodywork - Screen, etc
That doesn't seem to hard, right? Just kidding, obviously, but the process set out in those nine steps makes for an entertaining read, so feel free to follow this link to check it out.

[Source: Bluebird Design via Automotive Blogs]

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