E85-capable DI V-6 moves from HUMMER HX concept to H3 by 2010

During a first drive event for the new HUMMER H3T in Moab, Utah, Mike Levine of PickupTruck.com got confirmation of an engine change coming to the H3 lineup. When the H3 debuted it was saddled with the 3.7L inline five cylinder from the Chevy Colorado pickup it was derived from. Unfortunately, that engine struggled mightily with the H3's 4,700lb mass. That meant it worked hard all the time and got notoriously lousy fuel economy. When a V-8 engine option was added last year, it got the same fuel economy as the five because it wasn't working so hard.

At the Detroit Auto Show HUMMER showed the HX concept with a flex-fuel version of GM's direct injection 3.6L V-6. Thanks to Mike, we now know that engine will move into the H3. Although Mike wasn't given a timeline, GM has previously said that all HUMMERs would be biofuel capable by 2010. The DI V-6 is both more powerful and more fuel efficient than the five cylinder, meaning it doesn't have to strain as hard and with cellulosic ethanol hopefully coming on stream in the next few year, the ethanol option should get more palatable as well. Now if most of the people who drive these things could just come to grips with the fact that they don't actually need such a vehicle in the first place we'd be all set.

[Source: PickupTruck.com]

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