From the perspective of the average environmentalist, the Hummer brand and its products personify everything that is wrong with the automobile industry. The reality is Hummers remain thirsty, brutish and not particularly utilitarian vehicles. The H2, which is based on the platform of the previous generation Chevy Tahoe, has less interior room than its parent and is less useful to those who actually have a need for a big SUV. Over the next couple of years, Hummer will be taking a baby step toward being a little less environmentally abusive. By 2010 all Hummer products will be capable of running on biofuels, either biodiesel or ethanol depending on the engine choice. The H2 will be getting the new 4.5L DuraMax diesel as an option in 2009 and all the gas engines will be made E85 capable. It isn't much, but it may be better than nothing (depending, of course, on the biofuel and how it's made).

[Source: Hummer]

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