SUNN EV: order a solar electric NEV kit car

Remember last year when we posted the video Infinity Miles per Gallon? In that video, Art Haines of Applied Robotics Company set out to build a solar powered electric car ... and succeeded. At the time, we lauded the independent thinking that Haines clearly showed in the project. The story was far from over, however, as Haines is now offering his unique solar NEV in kit form from his website, So far, five of the kits have been ordered and Haines is working to get them shipped out now. One of those kits, a sedan with a trunk, is headed to an all-girls school in London, and another, a pickup, is on its way to La Grange, Texas.

If you are interested in reading more about the SUNN EV, visit the official website. Pricing is currently broken down into major component packages and can be found here. After assembled, an MSO will allow the vehicle to be registered in your state and the vehicle would qualify as an NEV. We're pretty high on this idea and hope that these kits find happy owners who'll enjoy never filling up their city errand-runner.

[Source: SUNN EV, Morning Sentinel]

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