Green Auto Shop: invading a school near you

Here's a nice story about a group of students from the Stockton Unified School District's Weber Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology and their project to convert a 2002 Neon from gasoline to electric. The process took 150 hours, which presented a few problems. "It took a lot of planning. Thinking hurts. Sometimes it gets so frustrating you don't really want to do it. But you think about what it's going to be like and keep going," according to Kevin Ford, one of the students. In the end, they truly enjoyed the project, which took just $6,500 in parts to complete, not including the car. At present, the vehicle is capable of moving about 80 miles from one charge of its eight lead acid batteries. That's a total of 96 volts, which is most likely feeding juice to a DC motor. A cable extends out of the old gas-filler neck. The instructor, Mike Yonan, is thinking of adding some sort of solar charging solution for next year's project. A+ from us.

[Source: Recordnet via TTAC]

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