R1e in NYC: Subaru's EV spotted in Manhattan ahead of NY show

Click image for photo gallery of the Subaru R1e in NYC

Well, this is cool. Not only is Mitsubishi bringing the iMIEV to New York this week, Subaru will also go electric in Manhattan with the R1e. How do we know this? Well, Autoblog reader Ciao was on his way to grab a slice of pizza when the EV microcar drove up the street next to him. As has been reported numerous times, the R1e (like the iMIEV) is undergoing field testing with the employees of a Japanese power company. Subaru hopes to expand the fleet of R1e vehicles from forty to one hundred later this year. We'll fill you in on what the car's like in person when we check it out this week. Thanks Ciao!

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