Meet the TAC Stark, Brazil's ethanol-burning mini-ute

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What you see here is the TAC Stark, a Brazilian off-roader that aims to leave a smaller footprint. The lightweight 4x4 was planned to be the first flex-fuel gasoline/ethanol off-roader on the market, but when local suppliers forced the small upstart automaker to push back the launch date from last year to next, Mitsubishi jumped in with the Pajero TR4.

Although fuel consumption figures are not yet available, the Stark promises to economize its intake on either type of fuel thanks to lightweight construction with a tubular frame covered with plastic body panels. The diminutive jeep has a wheelbase barely 2.5 meters long, weighs just 1300kg, and is powered by a small Volkswagen engine. But while it may share more in common with a VW Beetle than any other truck on or off the road, the Beatles' Yellow Submarine comes quickly to mind when looking at the Stark's styling. See what we mean in our high-resolution gallery by clicking on the thumbnail images below.

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[Source: TAC (Portugese) via Autoblog]

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