The New Mexico legislature has passed a bill requiring all diesel fuel sold in the state to have at least a 5-percent blend of biodiesel. Gov. Bill Richardson is expected to sign. The measure requires all state vehicles with diesel engines to be using B5 by 2010, and all diesel sold in the state will be at least B5 by 2012. State officials can suspend the requirement if there are biodiesel shortages or if prices for biodiesel jump too high.

Other states considering similar measures include Montana, Oregon and Missouri. Montana could suspend the requirement if biodiesel costs 15 percent more than regular diesel or if the mixed fuel was found to cause engine problems. The Oregon bill starts out with a 2-percent requirement when state production reaches 5 million gallons per year, and then jumps to 5-percent at 15 million gallons. Missouri would require all pumps to sell B5 by 2009 but only if prices were competitive.

[Source: Keith Goble/Land Line Magazine]

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