Chrysler likely to miss goal of 10,000 buyouts

A key part of Chrysler LLC's agreement last year with the UAW gave the automaker the ability to hire new employees at a fraction of wages and health care of current workers. Since the deal was signed, Chrysler has been trying to show high-cost workers the door. The privately-owned automaker had a goal of 10,000 overall buyouts to cut labor costs, but it doesn't look like the Pentastar is going to get its wish. UAW Vice President General Holiefield told the Detroit Free Press that he didn't think Chrysler would hit its goal.
Holiefield cited a shaky economy as the main reason workers haven't been pulling the trigger on deals that can range from $70,000 to $100,000 just for not working. The issue is once workers leave, there are few jobs available to provide new income. Although the deadline has passed for workers to accept packages, Chrysler isn't divulging the number of workers who have grabbed the deal. Chrysler is working with the UAW to offer more buyouts in the near future.

[Source: Detroit F ree Press]

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