100 - count 'em - suggestions for hypermiling

Even veteran hypermilers will probably find something worth remembering in this list of 100 ways to increase a vehicle's miles per gallon. Sure, the list starts with the basic, heard-em-before ways to get more distance out of the fuel in the tank of the car you already drive, but how many of you have considered an "ice vest" instead of air conditioning?
If you're just getting into the hypermiling game, EcoTrekker's 100 items (made up of tips, links to other articles to read, and online resources) should provide you with plenty to practice as you drive. Some of my faves are #9 (finding the route with the least amount of traffic and stop signs, even if it's slightly longer) and #77 (ridge riding to avoid puddles). Oh, and #53. :) Missteps in the list include #73 (the Lexus GS hybrid should not be on anyone's list of best cars to hypermile in) and #12 (only works if you already drive a hybrids).

[Source: EcoTrekker / Amy Q]

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