Geneva 2008: updated Alfa Romeo 159

Click above to view the updated Alfa Romeo 159 in hi-res

We had plenty of reason to frequent the Alfa Romeo pavilion at this year's Geneva show. After the unveiling of the production 8C Spider along with the updated Brera and Spider came the revisions to the 159 sedan and Sportwagon.

Like its two-door counterparts, the changes to the 159 consist of a few small updates that don't interfere with the model's stunning lines. Better ergonomics and new electronics update the interior, while weight reduction where the car meets the road should help the car's driving dynamics slightly. Most importantly, however, the tweaks which Alfa Romeo announced for the 159 range gave us and our cameras another reason, as if we needed one, to get reacquainted with one of our favorite European sports sedans and wagons. To see the product of our emotional reunion, click on the thumbnails below and jump to our high-resolution image gallery.

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