Geneva 2008: updated Alfa Romeo Brera & Spider

Click to view the Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider in hi-res

We here at Autoblog would like to thank Alfa Romeo for releasing updated versions of the Brera and Spider models. Not because we're that excited about the minimal updates themselves, but because it gave us another excuse to stop by the Alfa booth and gawk at this pair of stunning two-doors, whose beauty in the Alfa Romeo range is rivaled only by the luscious 8C, the roadster version of which Alfa also unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

As we brought you back in late February, the updates to the Brera and its Spider counterpart are modest, limited mostly to removing weight from the rolling stock. Modest improvements, which we'll let interested parties read about in more detail in our preview post and attached press release, but with a vehicle this breathtaking, as you can see from our images in the gallery below, we're glad Alfa kept the changes minimal in addressing some of the vehicle's dynamic shortcomings without tinkering with the styling.

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