Mumbai offering perks to carpoolers, like free movie tickets

We've reported on the fact that India is running low on oil, and it's only going to get worse as time goes on. They also have a major congestion problem on their hands, and that's why we think that they've got a winning idea as they start offering rewards to carpoolers. These rewards can range from discounts on auto insurance, coupons for food and beverages and even movie tickets. Of course, we'd love to think that the idea of saving the environment of the area you live in and saving money on gas would be enough, but we understand that a rewards system will probably help out. has been created to offer a social way to arrange for ride-sharing, and the requests can be sent via email, SMS or phone. The initiative is gaining rapid acceptance and has 1,700 active members. Based on the success, officials are even considering adding chips to members' cars, allowing them to be tracked and informed where and when to pick up extra passengers. Now is the time to start implementing ideas such as efficient mass transit and car sharing programs, before the problem gets too far out of hand.

[Source: Times of India via Automotive]

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