India running low on oil, looks to Turkey (and beyond) for help

With India's emergence in recent years as a booming automotive market, the country needs a booming supply of oil to power all the new vehicles. Unfortunately for Indians, they don't have nearly enough domestically-produced oil, so they are forced to import their supplies from other countries. In an effort to reduce dependency on the Middle Eastern oil-producing nations, Indians are looking to get oil from countries in Central Asia and Africa. Purchasing the oil is all well and good, but how then does India get the oil from the ground in some other country to the tanks of cars in its own? According to this article, through massive pipelines and oil tankers across a sea and an ocean.

The article also highlights the point that other emerging countries, especially China, are all fighting for the same oil supplies, along with the already established players in Europe and the U.S. There's only so much oil to go around, folks, and every country is trying to get their hands on it.

[Source: Asia Times via Automotive Blog]

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