Shahswath Bolar designs the Tri-OBA 2+1 electric car concept

Shahswath Bolar, an Automotive Design student from Coventry, United Kingdom, has created a rather interesting design concept for a three-seat car that he calls the Trioba 2+1. He designed the vehicle as a high-performance electric vehicle for the European market. The futuristic design reflects the fact that Bolar imagines this vehicle on the roadways in the year 2020. Interestingly, the concept vehicle is asymetrical and features a gullwing door on the passenger side only with a normal door for the driver. There are a number of other interesting features of the vehicle, such as the color-changing canopy and the low-power OLED indicators. From what we can tell, Bolar is using this concept as part of his design portfolio and is hoping for a future career in the automotive design field. We with him the best and appreciate the green design theme of his Trioba concept.

Click here to see renderings of the Trioba 2+1 concept and here for photos of the vehicle in model form.

[Source: Coroflot]

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