Ford workers to get cash bonuses on March 13

Barely over a year ago, Ford paid out cash bonuses to its employees and recently hinted that they'd do the same this year. Today, an email sent to Ford employees confirmed the bonuses, which will be $1,000 for hourly UAW workers, with significantly larger bonuses based on pay grade going to salaried employees. Before Alan Mulally came to Dearborn, workers at Ford would not have been eligible for any extra income, as the old bonus plan was based on a profit-sharing system. Profit is not something that Ford has seen in a while, losing some $2.7 billion last year.

According to Mulally, the number three automaker in the U.S. "made significant progress on our plan transform Ford Motor Co. into a lean global enterprise poised to become profitable again in 2009." To recognize the efforts of each employee towards the larger goal of regaining profitability, Ford workers should expect their bonuses on March 13.

Not all news was good for Blue Oval employees, though, as salaried workers were informed that their merit pay increases would be delayed from the first of April to the first of June due to the poor overall economy. Considering the state in which Ford is currently operating, we wouldn't expect too many hurt feelings by the slight delay.

[Source: Detroit News]

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