European Infiniti models to get diesels in 2010

Nissan finally launched their premium Infiniti brand in Europe this week with the world debut of the new FX at the Geneva Motor Show. Nissan (and Renault) boss Carlos Ghosn obviously knows that if you're going to take on the likes of BMW and Audi on their home turf, you had better have the right product. While it's questionable whether the FX50 and EX37 are the right products for Europe, one element that will definitely help their chances, is the availability of diesel power. In Geneva, Ghosn confirmed that the European Infiniti lineup will be getting a new diesel being developed by Nissan and Renault starting in 2010. The diesel, likely the 3.0L shown by Renault last fall and already announced for the U.S.-market Nissan Maxima, will be tweaked for the Infiniti models, likely yielding somewhere over 250hp and making it competitive with the dual turbo 3.0L offered by BMW in the 535d and other models. Whether U.S.-bound Infinitis will get diesels is unknown as Nissan has previously indicated that their in-house developed hybrid system would go into some of those models.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. req'd]

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