We've heard a few interesting metaphors before, but never have we heard the auto industry likened to dinner. Well, until now that is. Jim Press, formerly of Toyota and now of Chrysler, made the odd comparison recently. Press considers high-volume models like pickups to be the "meat and potatoes" of an automakers line-up, with a nice dessert coming courtesy of halo cars like the new Dodge Challenger. No responsible dinner would be without your veggies, which aptly applies to the automakers eco-friendly models too. And hybrids? Hmmm... hybrids make up part of a well-balanced diet too - the best of all worlds, according to Jim. "With a hybrid you get to eat meat but you get the same benefit as eating vegetables," he said.

With that, AutoblogGreen would like to remind you to eat - and drive - your greens.

[Source: Detroit News]

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