World's cleanest V12 four-stroke engine - make it yourself for $60

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Pining for a V12 but don't want the cumbersome truck or racing car to put it into? Why not make one yourself out of paper and glue. Now that Yee over at Yee's Job has taken the time (two years!) to figure out how to combine the paper with LEDs (they represent the spark plugs) into a moving model of a V12 four-stroke engine, you can make the world's cleanest V12 yourself. The 600 pages of instructions - with or without materials - cost just $60-100 Canadian, depending on where you live.

The moving parts of the paper model include rods and pistons, the cooling fan and the crankshaft. Yee says that origami strengthening techniques are hidden inside the model, so it'll hold up while still looking like the real thing. And hey, if EVs and fuel cell cars replace gas models in the coming decades, a project like this can be a history lesson. "This, Billy, is how we squandered our gasoline." If the pictures in the gallery below don't make you want to break out the hobby knife, there are larger versions available at Yee's Job. Thanks to John McC. for the tip!

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[Source: Yee's Job]

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