The ten cheapest cars of the world - #8 - Hyundai i10/Atos

Hyundai i10. (The model that replaced the Atos) 5-door hatchback. South Korea. $9,096

Hyundai recently changed the names of its cars from actual words to numbers after the letter i. Because of this, the Atos, the smallest member of the Hyundai lineup, became the i10. We've talked about this model before here on AutoblogGreen.

With a lot in common with the Kia Picanto, the i10 is a very simple car that is just a few inches larger than a Japanese Kei Car. It seats 5 (almost) and was unveiled, remarkably, in India. You can have it with a gasoline 1.1-liter I4 75 HP engine and, in some markets, with a fuel-sipping diesel 1.1-liter I-3 good for 65 HP.

You can buy it in India, South Korea, Latin America and even Europe, where it's one of the cheapest options available.

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