More on Hyundai's new i10 city car, which spits under 120 grams of CO2/km

We've already been introduced to the Hyundai i10, a sporty city car that's coming to the UK, but we now have a bit more information on the car, which manages to spit out just 119 grams of CO2 per kilometer and gets over 60 mpg (Imperial). The small car - it's 3.56 meters long by 1.59 wide - gets some extra interior space with the wheels shoved pretty far into the corners.
Standard AC, 14-inch wheels, four airbags and body-colored bumpers are the features for the comfort, safety and style crowd. People who like to look under the hood will find a 67PS, 1.1-litre petrol engine that can be mated with either a manual or an optional automatic gearbox. Everyone with an i10 in London will probably be happy it's exempt from the new congestion charge proposals that are coming next year.

[Source: Just-Auto]

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