EU estimates 16 million hydrogen-powered vehicles in Europe by 2030

Just the other day, we wrote a post highlighting a quote from Nabil Kassem, professor at Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology, who commented, "Driving a hydrogen-powered car in 2030 will be a common thing" As always, there are many commentators on AutoblogGreen who have much to say on the merits (or lack thereof) of hydrogen. So, for those interested in the idea of a "hydrogen economy" or "hydrogen society" (for good or for bad), it seems that the European Union is estimating that there will be 16 million hydrogen-powered vehicles on European roadways by 2030. Any such scenario must also include plans on creating an infrastructure to handle these cars, and the EU is figuring on this as well. Their goals (sub. req'd to read this WSJ article) include cutting oil usage by 40 percent through the use of hydrogen and they are putting their money where their mouths are by approving a $1.4 billion investment into research for using hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

[Source: Auto Observer]

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