"Driving a hydrogen-powered car in 2030 will be a common thing"

The headline is not made up of my own words. Instead, this is what Nabil Kassem, professor at Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) stated in an interview for El Diario Vasco after Kassem gave a lecture on hydrogen technologies in the Universidad de Navarra.

Prof. Kassem stated that fuel cells are the most promising technology for our energy future, a future some call the Hydrogen Society. He not only envisions hydrogen in cars, but believes that fuel cells will have applications in micro power plants, household appliances, and in heating and air conditioning units. On the issue of cost, Kassem said that the moment hydrogen starts being produced on a large scale, it will become cost competitive. How will we obtain it? Kassem referred to a Japanese project that wants to create "oceanic gardens" where solar energy would be used to create electricity and then hydrogen.

When speaking more about cars, Prof. Kassem stated that cheap hydrogen cars won't be available until 2030-2040, because this new technology needs a 50-year span to be developed completely. Nevertheless, he claims, we will be able to buy the first hydrogen cars at reasonable prices by 2015. I hope that they're as good looking as the Pininfarina Sintesi pictured here.

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[Source: Diario Vasco via Econoticias]

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