Londoner gets to try out the new Th!nk city EV

Danny Fleet is a Londoner with an interest in electric cars. His attituce should come as no surprise given that EVs can avoid the city's congestion charge. Currently, Danny happens to drive one of the ever-popular G-Wiz quadricycles. Danny was lucky enough to be in the area when one of the new second-generation Th!nk city electric cars arrived fresh from the factory in Norway and he got to check it out as soon as they unloaded it from the truck. He recorded video of his tour and his first drive and came away very impressed.

The Th!nk has some pretty decent specs, starting with the fact that it's actually type approved in Europe as an actual car not a quadricycle. To get that type approval it has to be crash tested and meet safety requirements, something quadricycles don't. Th!nk claims the lithium polymer battery will provide a range of 125 miles on a charge and the top speed of 65mph. It's fitted with safety equipment like air bags, seat belts and even ABS. Th!nk will be selling the car in the UK for £14,000 and charging and extra £100 per month for a battery rental. If the charge capacity of the battery falls too low, they will replace it as part of the rental deal. Check out Danny's videos here and here.

[Source: Danny's Contentment]

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