Geneva '08 Preview: Italdesign releases new images of the Giugiaro Quaranta

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The seemingly endless stream of teasing on part of the Italian design houses continues as Giugiaro's Italdesign releases two more preview shots of its concept, now revealed to be called the Quaranta in commemoration of the studio's 40th anniversary, which will be presented at next week's Geneva Motor Show.

The pair of additional images, which accompany the three shots trickled out until now, all but completely reveal the concept's design, all angular and sharp creases, in stark contrast to the swooping curves of arch-rival Pininfarina's Sintesi show car. Of course, we'll be on hand at the show to bring you the best shots in true Autoblog style, but feel free to check out the growing gallery below to see what's been revealed so far.

[Source: Italdesign]

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