Geneva '08 Preview: Pininfarina reveals Sintesi design

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With one week to go until the Geneva Motor Show and counting, Pininfarina has finally done the "Full Monty" by revealing the overall design of its new Sintesi concept. And as you can see, it's a striking design.

We particularly like the window treatment, with a contemporary take on the classic window-within-window. Meanwhile, if the windshield were any more steeply raked, it would be completely horizontal. The opposing scissor doors swing up like on a Lamborghini, but hinged forward on the front doors and rearward on the rear ones. The mouth gapes wide open to gasp for air like a whale sucking down plankton, and the sills tuck under the body like on the Maserati GranTurismo, giving the Sintesi a rakishly athletic stance. And once again, Pininfarina has worked its magic on the flowing forms, with novel takes on the roof pillars, air vents and assuredly many more elements that will become apparent when we see the concept live, an experience we're looking forward to already.

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